Update and happy news!

Well, my nail painting days seems to have been put on pause for a while longer…

In February we discovered the we are having a baby in October. At our first ultrasound at 13 weeks we got the news that it was not just one but two babies inside my belly!

Can’t wait to meet the twins and hope that we get to know their genders in a couple of weeks.

Have a great summer!

/The Nerd

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Ooops, just realized I haven’t been in here for quite some time!

Well, just leaving a lifesign. Boyfriend is about to step through the door and I’m still over the moon in love. It’s starting to feel like it’s not enough to see each other just on weekends, but right now there’s nothing to do about it.

Hope you all have a great time and I hope that I will be able to get back to all my polish and this nice community!

Have a nice weekend all!

/The Nerd

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Well, time for an update!

As you know I broke up with my boyfriend before the summer and I moved to my own apartment and all that.

Now I’m not yet done with the interior of my apartment because I want to paint some walls and buy some new furniture. But, there’s something special happening…

As I was listening to one of Nickelbacks new songs “what are you waiting for” I actually took the step and added my profile to a dating site. I thought that was I had nothing to loose and I needed to have some fun!

Now, about a month later, I’m dating a really nice guy! He brings out a lot of good stuff in me that I thought I’d lost. He also brought back my will to start painting my nails again. The only thing stopping me now is the lack of hours in a day, 24 isn’t enough!

Weekdays are spent commuting and working, the weekend is spent with the boyfriend. Living 3 hours apart is not an easy task….

Well, now you know a bit about what’s happening and as soon as my work situation changes to working closer to home I will be posting regularly again. But I don’t have a timeframe….

/The Nerd

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Pool Paradise

Thought I’d give you this plain nail art that I did last week. I used Surfers Paradise (739) as a base for all nails. Then I put Pool Crush (130) on my thumb and ring finger. Both polishes are Isadora and no, I haven’t managed to take swatches of them yet… I hope to get there soon!

/The Nerd


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Long time, no see!

Whoa, just realized it was time for an update around here…

Still crazy with the job and apartment, all nails on ice for the moment. As of today I’m fighting off this cold that has made me skip the gym for more than a week and I can feel my muscles screaming of inactivity! So, second week now and I’m hoping it will go away until the weekend…

As for the apartment everything stand still… I’ve put money into my social life and been hanging around with my dear friends most of my free time! They are simply awesome! Hope to be able to paint my kitchen wall and get the shelves and clock up again soon…

From what I know now, job ends at New Years, then we’ll see… If I get laid off I might have the time to get this thing running again!

Hope you hang in there, I know that some of you check in here from time to time…

/The Nerd

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For the past 6 days there’s been a raging wildfire in the center of Sweden, not far away from where I live.

I has taken a life and one person is badly hurt. It’s as big as 10 x 15 km, equivalent of 21000 soccerfields… that’s big! A lot of people have been evacuated or ready to evacuate in a nearby town and our town did some preparations just in case…

We’ve had a lot of smoke and smell over our town and had to have doors, windows and ventilation closed not to be to affected from the smoke. It’s better right now and I have everything open to be able sleep tonight.

Right now it seems a bit more under control and they have help from international water bombing planes… Just hope they can contain it and extinguish the fire!

/The Nerd

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Taking a break

As you all can see I didn’t put up a nail art post yesterday and I’m not doing it today.

The breakup is catching up on me as well as the sun and friends is pulling me outside in the now nice weather.

I’m not sure when I will be back, but I will. I probably will post random stuff but not as frequent as now.

I hope you will be able to wait a bit for me to come back and check in once in a while….

Have a nice summer

/The Nerd

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