Well, time for an update!

As you know I broke up with my boyfriend before the summer and I moved to my own apartment and all that.

Now I’m not yet done with the interior of my apartment because I want to paint some walls and buy some new furniture. But, there’s something special happening…

As I was listening to one of Nickelbacks new songs “what are you waiting for” I actually took the step and added my profile to a dating site. I thought that was I had nothing to loose and I needed to have some fun!

Now, about a month later, I’m dating a really nice guy! He brings out a lot of good stuff in me that I thought I’d lost. He also brought back my will to start painting my nails again. The only thing stopping me now is the lack of hours in a day, 24 isn’t enough!

Weekdays are spent commuting and working, the weekend is spent with the boyfriend. Living 3 hours apart is not an easy task….

Well, now you know a bit about what’s happening and as soon as my work situation changes to working closer to home I will be posting regularly again. But I don’t have a timeframe….

/The Nerd


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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