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Candy Cane

Sorry for beeing late with this post, my life is kind of messed up and really great at the same time! Between working, exercise and friends/family there’s not much time left, but I hope I can keep up! Here’s finally … Continue reading

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Week 7 – "Valentine’s day" Mani

I actually painted this background on Wednesday, the stripes on Friday and the stamps yesterday… The original thought was to also have some white stamping, but after I managed all 10 in a row I left it and I like … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

I’m really happy to be able to share this with you all! This morning didn’t start as well as I wanted…. my computer went on a strike! Lucky for me my hubbie worked his magic computer finger and managed to … Continue reading

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For all of you who do celebrate All Hallow’s Eve I decided to do a mani…. The bases are Depend 223 (silver) and 124 (orange). I used BM 13 for the web and spider and BM 222 for the pumpkin. … Continue reading

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Storage idea

I’ve been pondering about a good way to store my Konad Imageplates…. looking at other bloggers ideas and also on YouTube. This pondering has been going on for, well, a couple of weeks and now I think I found it…. … Continue reading

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Color of the month

My first thought was blue….. but then I thought that for me blue is ordinary. Then I looked through the archives for July and found that it is permeated by blue! It really is my favorite color and  half of … Continue reading

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Golden butterflies

Could not resist the Konad…. This time I decided I’ll have some butterflies and everything went OK. The only sad thing is that there was no way of turning the butterflies….. but it looks ok anyway. The image is from … Continue reading

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