The first of five polishes in this collection. I’m swatching them all on Ebony Hates Chris because it work the best.

 2014-05-06-19.53.11 2014-05-06-19.53.25 2014-05-06-19.53.41 2014-05-06-19.53.48 2014-05-06-19.53.57

Brand: Isadora
Collection: Opalescent Nails 2013
Name: Nacré
Number: 770
Color: Purple
Finish: Opalescent
Coats: 1

In the photos you can see the nice purple color, but in some specific angles it looks kind of green!

/The Nerd


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Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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3 Responses to Nacré

  1. zmnz says:

    That is a beautiful color! where did u buy it??!!

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