Motivation was not in my vocabulary this morning. I woke up early and all I wanted was to go back to sleep. I did not have any real plans for today more than fixing some stuff in the apartment.

However, I did get up, and I made myself do all those things that needed to be done. The curtain rods are up, my wintercoats down in the basement and my two best friends came to help me get my coatrack up on the wall…. By then, motivation was getting back up….

As a had eaten lunch and did the dishes the rain was pouring outside and I was completely ready to ignore my running shoes screaming at me by the door! I occupied myself with several thing before I forced myself out to the best place in this town! Before I felt horrible, just tired and restless…

My bike took me to our nice track by the river and I did a 6.4 km run in the evening sun. As I now sit on the couch I feel refreshed and tired in a good way. It also gave me a chance to clear my mind and get that motivation going again.

Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Here’s a photo from where I start my run and a photo of the most awesome plant I got from the ex-boyfriend!




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