All City Brown

Since this is a brown graffiti polish I thought I’d bring you back to the seventies…. Paired it up with Bananas! to get a cool effect!

 2014-04-13-09.38.04 2014-04-13-09.38.22 2014-04-13-09.38.27 2014-04-13-09.38.38 2014-04-13-09.38.42

Brand: Isadora
Collection: Graffiti 2010
Name: All City Brown
Number: 810
Color: Brown
Finish: Graffiti
Coats: 1

Love how this turned out. It makes me think of giraffes! Another great base for this polish could be Bird of Paradise that I used for Linen a bit earlier this month.

/The Nerd


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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