Polar Nights

When this collection came out I hesitated on buying anyone of them because the other two is gold and silver glitter and I already have that in my collection. Somehow, this one made it anyway and I don’t regret it! It really looks like a clear night sky with lots of small stars and the occasional bigger one….

2014-03-16-12.40.04 2014-03-16-12.40.13 2014-03-16-12.40.19 2014-03-16-12.40.37 2014-03-16-12.41.04 

Brand: Isadora
Collection: Northern Lights 2012
Name: Polar Nights
Number: 750
Color: Blue
Finish: Glitter
Coats: 2

I debated whether or not to put a base color on and layer it, but you don’t need to. The midnight blue base is opaque enough!

/The Nerd


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Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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