Never to late…. last months bottleshots!

 Well, actually a bit of April and all of May… all these spring collections got to me… I finally also got the time to get them all outside in the sun for a photoshoot!

I’ll start off with those left from April.

Isadora – 124 Bronzing Gold, 189 Black Rose and 29 Preppy Brown
Isadora – 119 Sun Orange and 07 French Beige
Isadora – 166 Coral, 73 Glowing Burgundy and 127 Glowing Ruby

 And now on to May Mayhem! Depend came out with 3 different collections and Isadora one so…. Depend Holographics are first out because it’s the most pretty and I have them all! This is also  the first Depend collection that has real names just not numbers, yey!

 From L to R above: Plum (2030), Charm Pink (2029), Heather Pink (2028), Raspberry (2027), Sand Grey (2026) and Silver (2025)

From L to R above: Ocean Green (2036), Laurel Green (2035), Steel Blue (2034), Ocean Blue (2033), Demin Blue (2032) and Lavender (2031)

Then we have the Depend Magnetics…. I have these ones and two more. I’m missing one, the one I really want, 6006….

From L to R: 6004, 6003, 6002, 6001 and 6000
From L to R: 6007, 6008, 6009 and 6010

 Now to the Depend Summer Collection and one outsider….

L to R: 309, 308, 307, 188, 297
L to R: 314 (DC), 313, 312, 311, 310

L to R: 317, 316, 315

And some random Isadora, including some from their Summer collection.

Isadora: Mad Blue (814), Silver FLicks (812) and Pink Fame (813)
Isadora: Cassis (65) and Passionate Red (24)
Isadora: Bridal Rose (70) and Baroque Red (09)
Isadora: Water Rose (115), Bananas! (736) and Aloha (373)

Isadora: South Beach (713), Paradise Green (733), Hot Hibiscus (735)

I guess I’m not buying that much polish this month….. but the probably come up with something else that I want! As always, send me an e-mail if you are interested in seeing any of these swatched or if you have any questions. The address is found under “Who am I?”

Hope you enjoyed!


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