Week 20 – Bows mani

Alright, I was torn on this one between doing a konad mani or to freehand it. Yesterday I went to my brother-in-laws birthday and wore a regular french manicure. As I’m not ready to leave that one just yet, I did black bows as an accent.

First I’ll show you the base color…. This is Isadora Oyster (112). Perfectly nice for a base, but I found it to opaque to have after I painted the white tips…. It’s also good to have on it’s own it own if you just want some light shimmer!

I did the normal white tips with Isadora Glamour White (649) this time and I was surprised of how nice they looked…. On top of that I put Isadora Flourishing Pink (09) to give it a pink shimmer all over.

And this is how it ends up if you need to dress yourself after you painted you nails…. Fortunately this only happened to my left thumb!

And for todays challenge…. the bows!

Not that great, but still looks cute from a bit of a distance! I will wear this until it starts to chip… it’s not that often I’m able to paint a nice French manicure because of my weak nails…..

Hope you enjoyed!!

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Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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  1. Laura. says:

    Nice!i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? xx

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