Week 14 – Striped mani

Yey! A chance to make use of my only magnetic polish with a magnet that makes stripes! How fun is that! Well, the idea was good…. I have not tried this polish since I bought it in Amsterdam in December last year, only tried it on a nail wheel. It is Magic Wand (03) and the one magnet I could find. This is something that I need to practice a bit more I guess! This is what my nails looked like on the first hand….

I touched the magnet, I did not have enough polish and I did not spread the polish evenly….. Too bad… The other hand is a bit better, but I’m not satisfied with the magnet. It’s not as powerful as the magnets from other brands that I’ve seen….

I’m quite happy anyway and I might keep it…. I guess my friends at work has not seen these kind of polishes, they are hard to get at stores here in Sweden!

Not considering the magnetic properties: The color is amazing, I really like it!! The formula is also really nice, it opaque in just one coat. If I can’t get hold of another more powerful magnet I will wear it as a normal polish.

I hope you enjoyed!


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One Response to Week 14 – Striped mani

  1. aimeeus says:

    This is lovely x

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