Week 4 – Plaid mani

This is a theme that I’ve done a couple of times before but I’m trying out a different look now. I’ve already done a purple and a green/blue (you can see pictures below).

This time I gave the easy way some more thought, and did a couple of tests… and this is how it looks!

I used Depend 198 for base and then Depend 1067 for the pink stripes and the Lovie striper I’m holding for the glitter stripes. I’m not really satisfied with the outcome since I managed to wobble when I did the stripes! Otherwise this is a great look! I also wanted to show you some of my old “plaid” manis….

All purples
With black at the top
With green and blue

I love these, but wanted something different today!

Hope you enjoyed!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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12 Responses to Week 4 – Plaid mani

  1. Esra says:

    I like 'em all! =)

  2. I agree with Esra! I like them all. Great job!

  3. These are all so beautiful!

  4. lauriestrode says:

    They all look great!! But since I'm a purple kind of girl i really ❤ that 😉

  5. nice!i saw Love4Nails on youtube do a mani like your last 2. all 3 are great!

  6. Jenna Froggy says:

    I like them all they look great. My favorite is the purples though.

  7. KB says:

    I like these!

  8. Marie G says:

    That might be where I found the inspiration to them, but I can't seem to find the clip now….

  9. i can't find it now either… 😦

  10. Olivia says:

    Asså, åh jag måste skaffa mig nail art polish. Eller en nail art pensel i alla fall. Så vackert!

  11. Marie G says:

    En pensel eller en art liner underlättar. En pensel gör ju att du kan använda vilket lack du vill!

  12. Cindy-y says:

    i love these! especially the last one – the colors make it so cute!

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