Sales shopping!

Today the clearance sales between Christmas and New Years start here in Sweden. If you’re lucky enough you can find yourself some bargains! So, me and Linda went to town and snooped around in a lot of stores. The best sale I found was at Åhlens and I got myself two nailpolishes and two makeup palettes. Buying makeup is not like me, but these I just had to have….
54 Delirious
51 Millenium Star
5xGloss by Madame Milly. The don’t have names but smell like candy!

Isadora: 114 Turquoise and 185 Spellbound Black
They had a lot more of the palettes, in various colors, but these were my favorites. And the polishes…. did you guess the color? As always, I come home with polishes that are blue… any shade of blue apparently! The palettes were approx. $11,50 each, the glosses $5 and the polishes $4 each and that was half price! I also came home with two dresses, a food processor and mittens…. I could have bought a ton more polishes but restricted myself to these two!
And, for all of you who are into makeup – do you have any good tips on how to clean your palettes? Mine tend to get really dirty with colored powder right away. A q-tip works, but do you have any other tips? Tried looking online, but didn’t find anything easy enough!
Hope you enjoyed!

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Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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One Response to Sales shopping!

  1. Shannara says:

    waw look great your new stuff!

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