Wild at heart!!

I love this!!! It’s really a shame that the sky is cloudy and rainy just today…. I had wanted for you to see this one in the sun! Instead you get some photos taken in this cloudy daylight and in my bathroom…. At least you get to see a bit of its true color!! The color is from Color Club and is called Wild at heart. From what I’ve found it came out in the fall of 2009 (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

The one in the upper right corner is taken in regular daylight and shows a nice purple with a hint of shimmer. The other ones are taken in my bathroom, some with flash, some without. Here you can see a bit of the holo-effect, but not all…. I will be back with photos in the sun as soon as it wants to show itself!

Hope you enjoyed!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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5 Responses to Wild at heart!!

  1. NailsByLinda says:

    I haven't tried mine yet, besides swatching it on my nail wheel. I love it though! It's absolutly georgeos! But then again, I'm a purple freak…lol. Sweety, it's only 1 one left before our big shopping trip/ weekend. Can't wait. Gaaah!

  2. polishloving says:

    Very beautiful 😀

  3. Jossie says:

    Pretty holo!! I have that and worn it on my toes..love the collage!

  4. Fingers says:

    So pretty-even when it's not in the sun!

  5. NailsByLinda says:

    Was I drunk when I wrote my comment? LOL! I meant 1 week left…jeeez! *stupid*

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