Storage idea

I’ve been pondering about a good way to store my Konad Imageplates…. looking at other bloggers ideas and also on YouTube. This pondering has been going on for, well, a couple of weeks and now I think I found it…. thanx to OUGT12 that made a video about this….

Here is my version…. I went to our local book/craftsstore and got a icehockey/soccercard holder, put a piece of shelfliner inside the pouch so that the imageplate would not slip and slide as much. Now I only need to wait for the two Bundle Monster Image Plate Sets I ordered together with Linda and I also need to get a binder to put them in.

Hope you enjoyed!


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Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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4 Responses to Storage idea

  1. Great idea! Much better than shuffling through a stack of plates.

  2. Fingers says:

    This is a lot nicer than the box I have all mine thrown in!

  3. I am waiting on the 2 bundle monster sets making their way to me! then i will think about storage lol

  4. Marie G says:

    I think they will make it here before I get around to actually buying the sheets… This was things I already had at home.

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