Just found out today that Essies has come to Kicks!

I haven’t seen any Essie polishes in Sweden until now, so it was a nice surprise. It is a shame to say I did not buy any even if I was tempted… they were a bit to pricy for me, 129 kr or $20 (the polishes i normally buy costs between $4-15….

If some of the newest collections are coming I’m sure I’ll try!!

And yes… I’ll be spending tomorrow updating this thing…. new header, updated blogroll and such things.

Have a nice weekend!!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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3 Responses to Essie!!

  1. Fingers says:

    Our Essie here are $8! Maybe we can swap for a Swedish brand I can't get here! (I don't know what they are- but you can tell me! Use my contact form if you're interested

  2. $20–that is insane!!! The Essie polishes are around $8 here…

  3. Wow, that's expensive!

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