Blues and Greens

Time for the blue wheel…. It seems to be the wheel that fills up the fastest!

1: Depend: 227
2: Depend: 225
3: Yves Rocher Mini: Ciel Bleu (07)
4: OPI: Not Like the Movies
5: Sinful Colors: St Lucia Blue Sea
6: Pieces: Dolce Blue
7: Isadora: Blue Jeans (702)
8: Isadora: In the army (706)
9: Depend: 245
10: Depend: 246
11: Depend: 247
12: Depend: 249
13: Depend: 251
14: Depend: 252
15: Isadora: Blue Bugatti (78)
16: Depend: 5007 (Grafitti)
17: Isadora: Dazzling Aqua
18: Isadora: Dazzling Ocean

I love the two last ones and you’ll soon see swatches of them both!

Hope you enjoyed!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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One Response to Blues and Greens

  1. Fingers says:

    Can't wait to see the swatches!

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