Circling Bugatti

I continued on the mani I showed you yesterday and decided to Konad it. This is the first Konad I’ve done for ages!! I prepared myself well, with imageplate m65, paper, cotton pads, pure acetone, polish remover, stamper, Konad special polish and an old plastic card as a scraper…..

Since I almost always mess up doing Konad, I took it really slow this time, taking time between nail to clean up all the gear and around my nails. Also filing a bit on the stamper between every other stamp. I only messed up one nail and it came off without messing up the base!

As you can see, the top coat messed up my middle finger….but it’ll have to work anyways!

Hope you enjoyed!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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8 Responses to Circling Bugatti

  1. NailsByLinda says:

    Cute, I love it! Makes me wanna K O N A D! 😉

  2. Jossie says:

    Like it very much!!!

  3. this is really cute i love the colours 🙂 shel xx

  4. OMG I love, love love this……..Every time I put on my top coat over the stamp (no matter how long I wait), it smears it bad. I always take my photos before the top coat when I stamp now. I can't really tell it is smeared in the photos though. They look great!

  5. Fingers says:

    Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  6. B C says:

    love the mani 😀 you did such a great job stampingi can't believe you got a nail off without messing up the base and it looks so great!

  7. Fingers says:

    I am a new follower and just love your blog! I want to try some of your designs!

  8. What a great stamp…I'm going have to get that one!

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