Weekend Haul!!

As I work all weekday and rarely get off before the stores close I went into town today (Saturday)….

I came home with a couple of bottles of Myrrh Oil, a nice light blue Crackle polish from Depend and my ever first glass file!! I was actually looking for a nail file to have in my purse because I hate it when I damage a nail out on the go or at work! Well at home I decided that the glass file is staying at home and my old one goes in the purse…. And yes, I really found a great match in the Mavala Super Base!

As for not nailrelated items I also found a nice light blue (surprised?) flower necklace and a pair of Ballerina shoes on sale!! I really like these spontaneous shopping trips with ever best Linda!!

Hope you enjoyed!!


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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3 Responses to Weekend Haul!!

  1. i have a glass file but honestly prefer the cheaper ones lolshel xx

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