Swedens National Day

Today we celebrate the Swedish National Day. We’ve had beautiful weather all day and I was out walking with my camera for a few hours….. I want to show you my messy manicure as well as some photos from the track by the river!

I’ll start with the manicure…. The idea is based on a picture I saw on the web a while ago and I’m sorry to say I don’t know who made it! The colors are taken from the Swedish flag. The base is Mavala Acid Yellow and the blue is Depend 171. I now think a lighter blue could work well, but I was afraid it would turn green on me….. Anyways, I need a lot more practice on my freehand painting so beware, I’m probably going to post more…..

As fore the rest of the photos I’ll let them do most of the talking….

The railway station. A nice old building with lots of character!
Part of the river track…. really green and luscious!
This is Mr Beavers work!
The wind has taken this tree….
Even this small river has sand dunes. This is were we bathed when I was a kid!

One more unhappy tree…. you can see that Mr Beaver has taken the bark off!
Halfway you get to cross the river on this bridge. The cars cross above your head….
 Hope you enjoyed even though it was not a clean nail post today!

About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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