OPI – Not Like the Movies

Yey, my first OPI-polish!! Since I got a coupon for 20% off on any product at Kicks I wanted to try out this high end (in Sweden) polish. I chose “Not like the movies” because of the duochrome and the nice color!

The formula was a bit more sheer than I imagined and I needed two coats for it to be opaque. If you are having trouble with VNL you probably need three coats. I liked the brush, it’s kind of medium and fits my nails very well.The color ranges from a mossy green to a bronzy purple and has, I think, some gold shimmers in it. It sparkles nicely in the sun!

All of these photos are taken i daylight with the sun out! The first one is what is usually looks like. In the second photo you can see the variation of colors that this polish shows. In the last photo you see the nice green “base” that just as often wants to be a copper color. Well, I can not say which color it is… it’s just fantastic and got me hooked for duochrome polishes!!

And a bonus…. a clip/slideshow to see the polish in action!

Hope you enjoyed!


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One Response to OPI – Not Like the Movies

  1. Linda says:

    It's totally georgeous! I want it too! 🙂

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