Lumene 13 – Get Color

I really had an urge for yellow… so as I went into town last Saturday I came home with 2!

As you could see on my last color wheel it was Mavala “Acid Yellow” and Lumene “Get Color”. Today I’m showing you Get color, because it was the closest to what I really wanted. I grabbed the other one first, but could not get my self to put i back….. I’m really addicted, right?

Sooo, the Get Color is a really bright yellow. My hubbie described it as “sulfur” and I really agree! I might transform this mani as we go on… but for now I really like it!! The collection came out summer of 2010, just before I got the hang of nail polish… so I’m kind of late. When I read up on the subject I can see that they promise a better brush with a better control….I think that’s really the case! I had really good control and did NOT make one mistake!

2014-04-14-18.57.54 2014-04-14-18.57.55 2014-04-14-18.58.01-2 2014-04-14-18.58.05

Brand: Lumene
Collection: Natural Code 2010
Name: Get Color
Number: 13
Color: Yellow
Finish: Crème
Coats: 2

As for the formula, it’s OK. It’s a crème finish and the color really pops out even without a white base. You need to make it 4 coats to get it opaque enough, so it’s a bit sheer. On the really positive side it dried semi fast… after 3 coats it was touchable after just a few minutes! What else…. I can’t think of anything?

Wow, what a long post….

/The Nerd


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