Reds and Pinks

It’s funny…. every time it’s time for a new post on each color wheel I have something new for you on them….

This time it’s two wheels, C and H. As for C, you’ve seen all but two of them and H is all new….As always, the ones I have swatches on are linked in the Collection page so you can go look if you want. Here we go!

Wheel C (above)
1: Depend: 161
2: Isadora: Red Alert, 644
3: Depend: 190
4: H&M: Red Nail
5: Viva la Diva: 88
6: Yves Rocher: Rose Reflets, 03
7: Depend: 40 (new)
8: Depend: 167 (new)
9: Depend: 220
10: Depend: 4250
11: Depend: 198
12: Depend: 200
13: Depend: 201
14: Depend: 69
15: Depend: 19
16: Depend: 34
17: Depend: 36
18: Depend: 87
19: Depend: 174
20: Depend: 209

Wheel H (above)
1: Depend: 5
2: Claudia: Hot Lava, 166
3: Claudia: Shocking Pink, 104

Anyone in particular you want me to swatch?


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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2 Responses to Reds and Pinks

  1. Olivia says:

    Those are some lovely reds. I'd love to see Claudia: Hot Lava, 166..if you haven't swatched that one already

  2. Marie G says:

    I got Hot Lava on my nails right now and it´s coming up on thursday!

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