Cracked effect

I decided to put Depend Cracked Effect 5002 (blue) on top of Kubiss no 59, and this is the result… A subtle look that does not sting your eyes, but i yet easily visible….I also felt that I’ve had my crackle-polishes for a long time now and wanted to show them to you….

I’ve only tried the Isadora Black Tag Grafitti polish earlier so I’m gonna compare it to that! This one is not as easy to put on as the Isadora one, but is not too difficult. It cracks just after a few seconds which is good, you don’t have to wait for the effect…. If you manage to get only a thin layer it cracks small and a thicker layer cracks big, so you can choose!

I was actually a bit dissapointed with the color. In the bottle it looks like a deep blue shimmery color but when it dries matte the shimmer won’t come out and play as much…. The last picture show a bit of shimmer and I think the shimmer in the base-color shine through as well.

Over all I think it’s a fun way to spice up your nails if you got bored with having just a plain colour on your nails or want to do something a bit different!

Fluorescent light
Daylight, no flash
Direkt sunlight

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