Reds and Pinks

A week late and here we go with the reds…. I know you all are a bit tired of reds, but I decided not to disturb the order anyways….. Here goes:

1: Depend: 161
2: Isadora: Red Alert
3: Depend: 190 (it was on the glitterwheel last time)
4: H&M: Red Nail
5: Viva la diva: 88
6: Yves Rocher: 03 Rose Reflets
7: Empty
8: Empty
9: Depend: 220
10: Depend: 4250
11: Depend: 198
12: Depend: 200
13: Depend: 201
14: Depend: 69
15: Depend: 19
16: Depend: 34
17: Depend: 36
18: Depend: 87
19: Depend: 174
20: Depend: 209

Not the best photos, the first one is outside in snow and daylight, the other two are in direct sunlight. Hope you enjoyed and please check my Collection page if you want to see any color closer up.


About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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