2-way nail art pens

I just have to put this one up now!!

These arrived by mail this friday and I’m super excited to do a design with them on my nails…. So far I’ve picked out some and looked at the colours and just tested them on a piece of gloppingpaper….I really wonder when the other set is supposed to arrive! I don’t know how much we payed for these since my lovely Mr bought them for me, but app. $15-16 (cirka 100 kronor)

The lot – 24 pieces
Purples and pinks with a dark blue on the far right
Blues and green with the black to the right
5 Glitterpolishes
Red, orange,yellow, gold and white

About The Polish Nerd

Obsessed with nails and polish. Well, mostly polish...
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3 Responses to 2-way nail art pens

  1. These look fun and I'd love for you to show me how they're 2 way. I thought I ordered some 2-way polish pens and for the life of me, I cannot figure out any way but one to use them??? 😛

  2. Marie G says:

    I'll show you! Hopefully I can get a video up otherwise I'll show you in pictures!

  3. Åh, du kommer kunna ha så mycket kul med dessa. Jag har blivit helt galen i mina 🙂

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